Policies and Procedures - 2013
Catering Services
The Casino is a full service banquet facility offering complete banquet, catering, and seminar and conference services for your event. As a full service caterer, The Casino provides all of the food and beverage service for all events held at our facility. No outside food or drink may be brought onto the premises without the express consent of the management of The Casino. Exception is taken for wedding and other special occasion cakes, items deemed family traditions (i.e. cookies) and table favors.
Bar Services
The Casino is a licensed establishment, operating under guidelines of the PA Liquor Control Board. We will provide all your wine and spirit needs. NO alcoholic beverages are to be brought onto the grounds or into the facilities at The Casino. No one under the age of 21 will be served alcoholic beverages under any conditions. (Proper identification must be presented upon request). We will not allow any adults to purchase and/or supply alcoholic beverages to minors. For legal reasons and the safety of all in attendance, any adult doing so will be escorted from the facility. We also reserve the right to deny service to any guest who appears to be visibly intoxicated. The Casino bartenders do not serve "shots" or "multiple" drinks. (Shots served only for the "Bridal" dance.) For the safety of your guests, all glassware is to remain within the ballroom area(s). In the event that a guest would wish to take a beverage outdoors, they must request a plastic cup from the bartender. No glassware is permitted on the dance floor.
A deposit is required to secure the date and time of your function. This deposit is due within 15 days of confirming the date of your event. Deposit amounts may vary based upon the anticipated number of guests attending, the day of the week and time of the day that the event is being held or the number of banquet rooms being reserved.

For certain dates and times, The Casino has minimum requirements for reserving any of our banquet rooms. These minimums are based upon the purchase of food and beverage services for an agreed upon minimum number of guests for your event. These minimum requirements will be reflected as a guaranteed minimum guest count on your event contract and your invoice. Minimum requirements may be waived or altered at the discretion of your event coordinator.
Room Rental/Event Length
Our banquet rooms are reserved for specific time intervals each day. A typical social or business event lasts from 3 to 5 hours. Evening events may be scheduled to begin at 5:30 p.m. unless contracted otherwise. Requests for earlier starting times are determined based upon room availability, and may be subject to additional room rental fees. Unless contracted otherwise, Saturday daytime events must conclude no later than 2:30 p.m. If you are interested in reserving the daytime of an evening event for decorations or other needs, there will be a flat fee of $500.00.

Overtime should be contracted in advance of your event and charges for overtime will vary per event based upon a facility fee and staffing needs. If additional time is requested during the course of an event, charges for overtime will be assessed accordingly by The Casino management and will include a facility fee and an hourly charge per employee present for overtime.
Complimentary Amenities
Your banquet room reservation at The Casino provides for the use of our table linens, skirting, flatware, china, glassware, tables, and chairs for your event. In most instances these items are included in the quoted prices for food, beverage and room rental fees. If your event requires any additional items or services, they are available for an extra fee through The Casino. If your event requires customized rentals of any nature, The Casino will coordinate these services for you. Any additional fees for equipment rentals or services rendered will be billed to the customer through The Casino.
Entertainment/Outside Contractors/Rentals
The Casino offers a sound and light system at no charge for your event. Additional audio and visual aids are available for rental through our in house audio/technical contractor. Any additional equipment provided by the customer, or for the customer by an outside contractor, must be approved by The Casino management. At your request, The Casino will provide you with a list of approved vendors for your event. All entertainment or outside contractors (i.e. DJ's or florists) are requested to contact The Casino prior to the event to review our policies and procedures regarding set up and/or performance guidelines.
(See Decorating Guidelines below).
Decorating Guidelines
Decorating of The Casino is permitted for all events. As time allows, and at the discretion of management, up to 2 hours immediately preceding your event may be available to you for the purpose of decorating or setting up for your event. Outside contractors for your event will not have access to your banquet room before that time without prior consent from The Casino. At no time may items be tacked, taped or nailed to the walls. It is the responsibility of the customer and their vendors to provide all materials necessary to properly and safely install any decorations or equipment. It is also the responsibility of the customer or their vendor to remove all decorations and equipment at the conclusion of the event. The Casino assumes no responsibility for any decorations or equipment left behind at the conclusion of the event or for any loss or damage that may occur to these materials. Furthermore, The Casino reserves the right to deny any customer's decorations deemed potentially damaging to the facility.

A damage waiver may be required for your event. This waiver will be refunded in part or whole after an inspection of the premises by a member of The Casino management staff. The customer is solely responsible for any damages that occur to the building, equipment, fixtures or premises resulting from the activities of your guests.
Payment Terms and Policies
Final payment for your event is due in full 72 hours prior to your event. This amount will include the total cost of food, beverage, and an estimated bar bill where necessary, plus 6% Pa. State Sales tax, and a 20% service charge.

A guest count is required 2 weeks prior to your event. This count will be considered your guarantee, and it is the minimum number of guests for which you will be invoiced. If your event is a sit-down dinner with a choice of entrees, a count of each entree selection is also required at this time. For special order items, we may require up to 3 weeks advanced notice on your guest count. Your final count is due 7 days before your event.

Menu prices are not guaranteed until 90 days prior to your function and are subject to increase at any time due to unforeseen changes in market conditions. If this occurs, The Casino reserves the right to use substitute menu items of comparable quality or increase the agreed upon price to reflect the additional costs incurred. The customer will be apprised in advance of all changes.

All sales are subject to 6% Pa. State Sales tax and our standard 20% service charge. Sales Tax and service charges are not counted towards meeting any minimums.

The Casino accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express for up to $3,000.00 per event. For events being invoiced, payments are due within 10 business days or are subject to a 1.5% late charge per month.
Refunds and Cancellation Policies
Cancellations sometimes occur. In the unfortunate event you must cancel your function at The Casino, you may be eligible for a refund in whole or part under the following guidelines. For all events, deposits are fully refundable up to the one year anniversary date prior to your event date. If your cancellation occurs at any time after that date, the deposit will only be refunded, fully or in part, if a booking of equal or greater value is secured for that date. For events booked within one year of the event date, the deposit is automatically considered fully non-refundable unless a booking of equal or greater value is secured for that date. A booking of equal or greater value is considered to be an event that meets the same minimum requirements for which your event was contracted.

All refunds are made at the sole discretion of management. If your event must be postponed for reasons out of your control (i.e. severe weather, military service), and you are rescheduling for a different date, your deposit will automatically transfer to the new date with no penalty.

The Casino reserves the right to relocate any outdoor function to an indoor location in the event of inclement weather. If, for any reason, this is not possible, The Casino reserves the right to reschedule the event. Any costs associated with the cancellation or postponement of an event are the responsibility of the customer. In the event of an unforeseen natural or man-made event that should render The Casino inaccessible or unusable, DJS Food Designs, Inc. is released of any and all liability and held harmless.
The Casino is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is permitted in designated areas outside of the building.
Handicap Accessibility
The Casino was designed to meet the requirements of the ADA and offers handicap accessible facilities throughout our building and premises.
Special Meal Requests
Dietary restrictions are a common occurrence for many events. If you or any guest at your event has specific dietary needs, we would be happy to provide special meals for them. Please inform us in advance of your event so that we may better accommodate your guests' needs.
Leftover Food Policy
In compliance with standards set by the Board of Health, prepared leftover food is disposed of properly. This eliminates the concern of food borne illness caused by improperly stored or transported food. We are sorry we will not allow leftover food to be taken by guests.
Food Safety Notice:
The consumption of raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, and may be considered hazardous to your health.


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